Oily vaccine against foot-and-mouth disease. This disease is prevented through active immunization of healthy bovines on their first week of age, and of swine after weaning. Re-vaccination is necessary every six months.
The Aftosa fever (food and mouth disease) is a disease that generates considerable economic loss in the different cattle exploitations (bovine, ovine, goat, pig, and others). As a consequence it limits or annuls the exportations of products and by-products from susceptible affected regions.

This disease is caused by enterovirus of the Picornaviridae family which is a very contagious sickness for hoof’s animals either domestic or wild. This virus generally affects young animals. Its typical injuries are: injuries of vesicular type that affect the totality of the nasal and mouth cavities, graves, legs, nipples, and tits (there can be also damages in other organs). The guests of this sickness by their nature are the bovines, pigs, goats, ovine, bison, wild antelopes, wild buffalos, reindeers, flames, alpacas, chamois, giraffe, elks, elephants, camels, vicunas, capybaras, awkward, rats, field mice and sprocket wheel, among others. Experimentally it is possible to be transmitted to rabbits, chinchillas, brown bears and squirrels among others.

Cualicuantitative Composition:
Each 2ml dose contains:

  • Virus A24 Cruzeiro and 01 (campos) Fields 1 mililiter
  • Adjuvant oleos in emulsion 1 millimetre

Pharmaceutical form:
Injectable oily vaccine against the aftosa fever virus
Inactivated oily antiaftosa vaccine to immunize healthy bovines, against the virus of food and mouth disease.
Dose and via of application:
Apply 2 ml to bovines by subcutaneous or intramuscular way
Keep the vaccine AFTOLIMOR, in digging of 2 to 8 Celsius until the moment of its application.
Date of expiration:
Two years after inactivation.
The vaccine comes in plastic bottles of polyethylene of High Density, sterilized, with rubber stopper and aluminium cap.
The vaccine comes in bottles of 10, 25 and 100 doses.
AFTOLIMOR has been applied all around Colombia, Uruguay and Venezuela.
1. Oleose vaccine
2. 2 millimetres doses
3. Sterile and innocuous
4. Contains antigens that correspond to the necessities of our country.
5. Vaccine with the ideal balance and concentration to protect animals.
6. Easy application
7. Less time for vaccination
8. Immunization and prevention against the virus specified in the composition.

LIMOR DE COLOMBIA S.A also produces the antiaftosa vaccine of the brand "AFTOSA MK" commercialized by Tecnoquimicas.