Anaplasma marginale: yellow lit Bottle: 2 ml
Bigemina Babesia: blue lit bottle: 2 ml.
Babesia bovis: red lit Bottle: 2 ml.
Anabasan is a trivalent vaccine moderately attenuated, that stimulates the production of cellular antibodies. With a single dose bovines are immunized for life from Anaplasmosis and Babesiosis. This disease is caused by Anaplasma Marginale, Babesia Bovis and Babesia Bigemina.
This vaccine was developed as a result of the cooperation within the agreement CORPOICA - LIMOR, to prevent the diseases transmitted by ticks and flies, making it the most effective and economic method to protect susceptible cattle against Anaplasmosis and Babesiosis (fever of ticks) in a sustainable way.
Apply 2 ml of the trivalent vaccine through subcutaneous or intramuscular way to animals between 3 and 12 months of age preferably.
Store the vaccine in liquid nitrogen. For the vaccination always consult and get assessment from a veterinary. For sensitive animals, apply a prophylactic treatment: half of the therapeutic dose of diamidina on the 11th day, and on the 20th to 25th day post vaccination apply a therapeutic dose of oxitetraciclina. This does not inhibit the immunity and diminishes possible reactions.
The vaccine comes in a bottle (extender mixing bottle) that contains 10 trivalent doses, result of the mixture of the three antigen bottles (with the yellow, blue and read lits). In this presentation, the vaccine must be kept cool until its application and is viable for eight hours.
1. Productive, ecological and profitable
2. 100 % effectiveness
3. Permanent: one single dose per life
4. Excellent quality
5. Preventive: against Anaplasma and Babesia