The leptospirosis is an animal disease that appears mainly like a renal infection caused by several serotypes of the specie Leptospira interrogans, in addition it is a zoonosis of a greater level of distribution world-wide so man could acquire the disease through contact with infected animals.
The leptospirosis is a zoonosis originated in the bovine cattle that can be easily transmitted to man by direct or indirect contact (by environmental contamination) with the urine eliminated by infected animals, which contains approximately one million micro organisms by each millilitre, that can enter the human organism through skin injuries, mucous or conjunctive membrane, causing complications to the kidney, eyes, lung, uterus and heart which can cause death. The milk consumption or its derivatives, highly contaminated can bring the same consequences.

The symptoms of this disease in the bovines are:
deficiency of appetite, fever, bristle hair, red eyes and sometimes diarrea; these symptoms happen between the 3th and 7th days after the infection, later it is possible that signs of ictericia or hemorrhage appear, after this the animal may recover or die.


Bacterina Inactivated and adsorbed in aluminium hydroxide as adjuvant to be applied in injectable way by intramuscular or subcutaneous via.
Each 2 mililiter dose of the vaccine contains:

  • Leptospira icterohaemorragie= 1 X 108 cells/ml
  • Leptospira grippothyphosa= 1 X 108 celulas/ml
  • Leptospira Canicola= 1 X 108 celulas/ml
  • Leptospira pomona= 1 X 108 celulas/ml
  • Leptospira hardjoprajitno= 1 X 108 celulas/ml
  • Leptospira hardjobovis= 1 X 108 celulas/ml
  • Gel hidróxido de aluminio
  • Aluminium hydroxide Gel

inactivated vaccine to prevent diseases caused by the microorganisms specified in the formulation (icterohaemorragie, Leptospiragrippothyphosa, Lleptospira Canicola, Leptospira pomona, Leptospira hardjoprajtno and Lleptospira hardjobovis)
2 ml by subcutaneous or intramuscular way, using a sterile needle by every animal. 
Keep the vaccine in a temperature of 3° to 7°C until the moment of its application. 
Two years after the inactivation.
The vaccine comes in high density sterilized polyethylene bottles with rubber cork and aluminium seal.
Bottle of 50 doses
Bottle of 25 doses
Bottle of 10 doses

  • Sterile and innocuous
  • It contains antigens that correspond to the necessities of our country with the ideal balance and concentration to protect animals.
  • Easy application.
  • Decrease in the vaccination time.
  • Immunization and prevention against the specific micro organisms of the composition.