This vaccine has been developed to stimulate the immune system of the cattle to prevent the three main diseases that cause death in young and adult animals:
Clostridium chauvoei:

  • This bacteria causes systematic coal (carbon sistomatico)
  • This disease has an acute and febrile course in the cattle and bovine. It is characterized by producing inflammation or emphysematous tumefaction and hemorrhages in the muscular masses of the front or rear members (legs and feet).
  • The Clostridium chavoei, normally lives on the ground therefore increasing the risk of transmission through contaminated food ingestion (grass, dry food, etc…).
  • This bacterium attacks young animals 6 to 24 months of age. Nevertheless it also attacks adults.
  • The incidence and prevalence of this microorganism is given in stationary transitions at the end of summer and beginning of winter. It is highly spread in Colombia and It is the coal (carbon) with the highest mortality and the one that brings the most economic loss.

Clostridium septicum:

  • This bacteria causes Malign Edema
  • El Clostridium septicum is it responsible for causing a highly infectious disease characterized by the formation of (focus gangrenous) (gangrenous centers) in several places of the animal’s body. It is also characterized by presenting great inflammation, abundant amounts of black colored gelatinoids exudates, crackle, leading to the animal´s death. Its main guests are: goats, bovines, ovine.
  • This disease is usually associated with airtight wounds (anarobiosis) that can be caused by castrations, use of non sterilized needles, dehorning and for instance it is pretty common in post-birth.

Pateurella multocida:
Known as Pasteurelosis

  • This pathology is well known as fever of transportation. It is an infection generally of acute type that attacks bovines and ovine from all ages producing pneumonia.
  • This disease is associated with the stress that animals go through during and after they are transported. Animals may die after several hours or days of showing discouragement or intensive fatigue.
  • It is cause of high mortality in young cattle, presenting greater incidence in winter time, or when drastic changes of temperature follow one another.

Each 3ml dose contains as minimum:
Clostridium chauvoei 50 x 108 UFC
Clostridium septicum (toxoide) =2.5 U.I
Pasteurella multocida boviséptica 50 x 108 UFC
Gel hidróxido of aluminium
Injectable suspension absorbed with hydroxide of aluminum
For active immunization against symptomatic coals, Malignant edema and septicemia hemorrhage in susceptible animals.
3ml subcutaneous way, using a sterile needle for each animal of size 18, 20 o 22 G.
Maintain the trivalent vaccine digging in 3° to 7° of temperature until the moment of its application.
2 years after inactivation.
Plastic bottles of polyethylene or polypropylene of high density, sterilized, with robber cork and aluminum seal.

  • Bottles of 80 doses
  • Bottles of 30 doses
  • Bottles of 10 doses


  • Bactrian (bacterina) toxoide vaccine
  • Contains the right antigens for the necessities of our country.
  • Ideal balance and concentration to protect animals.
  • Easy application
  • Less time for vaccination
  • Immunization and prevention against the microorganisms specified in the composition.